Leading Wholesome Dining Chain

Vision 愿景

To guide the public towards embracing a modern, healthy culture of Shu-Food


To promote a healthy and happy lifestyle through our Shu-Food


Purpose 理念

1. Olive Oil & Rice Bran Oil 橄榄油和米糠油

2. Brown Rice 糙米

3.  Millet 小米

4.  Whole Wheat Ramen 全麦拉面

5.  Himalayan Salt 喜马拉雅玫瑰盐

6. Brown Sugar 黄糖

7. Oat Milk 植物奶

8. Hericium Mushroom 猴头菇

9. Broccoli 西兰花

10. Pumpkin 金瓜

To use only the best natural ingredients that are safe to consume in creating a

delicious and nutritionally balanced diet

• Modern • Balanced Nutrients • Tasty Diet •

Mission 使命

We Only Use Premium Ingredients In Our Food

×MSG 味精
×Synthetic Coloring 人造色素
×Vegetarian Gluten Meat 素料

×Preservative 防腐剂

We Do Not Use

×Canned Food 罐头食品 

×Peanut 花生
×Microwave 微波炉
×Meat 肉类

Shu-food meals are prepared based on 8 balanced nutrients, whole-grained and meatless concept. This explained why our dishes are so colorful! Prepared in hygienic environment, we use filtered water and biodegradable cleanser to wash our fruits and vegetables to remove traces of pesticides, dirt, wax or bacteria.

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Idealite 品味舒食 is no ordinary vegetarian restaurant, we are the pioneers of healthy restaurant concept. Every dish on our menu are prepared with extra care to ensure the best health of our diners. Our healthy food menu are designed by certified nutritionist & dietitians in order to provide the greatest satisfaction with wholesome dining. Being originated from Penang, we took our famous local delights and transformed them into healthier versions where vegans, vegetarians & even non-vegetarians love to eat.

Idealite strongly believe in promoting the right food consumption to create a society with better health conscious. We have been conducting health awareness program routinely to increase public awareness on good eating habits and healthy lifestyle.

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Idealite Bugis Village Singapore

Idealite Healthy Restaurant Sunway Carnival



Idealite Wellness Dining Waterfall

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27C, Jalan Gottlieb, 10350 Penang (Beside Waterfall Hotel)

Business hour:
Tue-Sun (Closed on Mon), 11.00am – 9.00pm

Tel: 604-226 3650

Idealite Vegetarian Restaurant Autocity

Idealite Healthy Restaurant Queensbay Mall


3F-10A, Queen Street, Queensbay Mall, 100 Persiaran Bayan Indah,11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang.

Business hour: 10.30am – 10.00pm

Tel: 604-643 1228


Idealite Vegetarian Restaurant Gurney Plaza

L3-015, Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi, Tabuan Jaya Baru 2, 93350, Kuching, Sarawak.

Business hour: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 082- 263 726

3F-60, Gurney Plaza, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business hour: 10.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 604-226 7296

S-01C, Second Floor, 3068, Jalan Todak, Pusat Bandar Seberang Jaya, 13700 Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang.

Business hour: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 604- 399 4134

Idealite Vegetarian Restaurant E-Gate

Unit FO-B3, Shop-In d’Park, Jalan Perusahaan, Auto-City North-South
Highway Juru Interchange, 13600 Prai, Penang.

Business hour:
Mon – Fri: 11.00am – 3.00pm ; 6.00pm - 10.00pm
Sat – Sun: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 04- 505 9134

Lot 1-01-05, Ground floor, Egate, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.

Business hour: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 604- 668 1243

153 Rochor Road, Bugis Village, Singapore 188428

Business hour: 11.00am – 9.00pm

Tel: +65- 6264 7100

Idealite Healthy Restaurant Kuching

Lot 2667, Block 10 KCLD, No 206, Twin Tower Centre, Jalan Rock, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.

Business hour: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Tel: 082- 243 948


Idealite Healthy Restaurant Vivacity Megamall